At our restaurant, Taqueria, the food is as important as the ambiance.

Taqueria is an authentic eatery in a vibrant setting. Share, choose, and savor various Mexican dishes – sharing is caring!

Don’t wait to celebrate, pre-order your food for your next visit at Avicii Arena!
Observe that you need a valid event ticket to take advantage of the offer.

If you can’t pre-order food for your event, it might be fully booked or too close to the event date.


Taqueria is located at Plan B, between section B26 & B27.

Opening hours and access vary between different events, read more about what applies before your visit on the event page.

To make your visit safer, faster and easier, Avicii Arena is a cash-free arena.

For questions regarding Food & Beverage you are welcome to contact Stockholm Live Catering