Behind the name

A name change like no else

Wanting to make a difference

The new name is not only a tribute to one of the greatest Swedish artists of our time, but the arena is now also a symbol and hub for initiatives focused on young people’s mental health and future.

In connection with the launch of Avicii Arena – Stockholm Live, Tim Bergling Foundation, Trygg-Hansa and Bauhaus started a joint initiative that works to prevent mental illness among young people throughout the country. The collaboration will provide young people with tools and knowledge to feel better, whilst adults will become more aware of the widespread problems with mental illness in the young people. Avicii Arena will be the beacon of hope and meeting place for the initiative.


“Trygg-Hansa sees mental illness among young people as one of our biggest societal challenges. We face the effects of mental illness in customer meetings every day and in addition to being there when something happens, we want to contribute to preventative measures. For us, it is about increasing knowledge and understanding of young people’s mental health, and we also want to contribute with coping mechanism that can help young people feel better.”

Hanna Axelsson

“BAUHAUS has an important role in the work against mental illness, both as a workplace with many young people as well as a great commitment within the sports movement. Bauhaus wants to influence, inspire and put pressure on the sports clubs to make young people´s mental health a priority. Associations and leaders should give young athletes the right conditions to feel good with a focus on reduced pressure and more joy through sports.”

marketing director
BAUHAUS – sweden and norway

For A Better Day - Ella Tiritiello and The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Watch video


Tim Bergling Foundation

Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén started the Tim Bergling Foundation in memory of their son Tim “Avicii” Bergling after his death on April 20, 2018. The Tim Bergling Foundation are working to prevent mental illness and suicide among children, young people and young adults. The foundation supports organizations, initiatives and projects engaged in research and preventative actions against mental illness and suicide.

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Tim Bergling

How are you?

Sometimes things we experience in life can seem impossible to deal with. But with support from others, we can.

A simple conversation is often an important first step. Don´t be afraid to let your friends, family, teachers or someone else in your community know how you are feeling.

If you would rather be anonymous to ask for help, there are helpline and chat services with volunteers and professionals who are here for you.

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