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Avicii Arena presents Break the Silence

Avicii Arena was launched in May 2021 as a unique collaboration between the Tim Bergling Foundation, Trygg-Hansa, BAUHAUS, and Stockholm Live. The purpose was to break the stigma surrounding and raise awareness about mental health issues among young people.

With “Break the Silence,” the initiators aim to continue focusing on the issue of young people’s mental health. The launch of the World’s Most Expensive Cap and the opening of the UNSLNT store are the first in a series of new activities within the initiative.

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Our latest initiative

All light on anxiety and depression

Tuesday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day established by the World Federation for Mental Health to raise greater awareness of the issue. To commemorate this important day, we illuminate the Avicii Arena in green, a color that symbolizes life, healing, and hope. Within the Avicii Arena initiative, we work, in collaboration with the Tim Bergling Foundation and our Enabling Partners BAUHAUS and Trygg-Hansa, to contribute to long-term efforts to ensure the well-being of young people. You, as an important adult or friend, can also contribute by being extra attentive and aware of how those around you are feeling. Often, simply being there can make a difference, all in order to prevent and identify mental health issues early. It is vital.

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For young people’s mental health

On May 19th 2021 Sweden’s most well-known arena was officially renamed Avicii Arena. The Avicii Arena is a unique collaboration between Tim Bergling Foundation, Stockholm Live, Trygg-Hansa and Bauhaus. The Avicii Arena serves as a gathering place, a platform and a megaphone for one of the most important social issues of our time. The collaboration is a long-term commitment, where the parties work together and individually. We lead initiatives within schools, sports, and projects aimed at breaking the stigma and preventing mental health issues among young people.


With focus on school

Through the education “For all young people” aimed at high school students, Trygg-Hansa provides young people with knowledge and tools to feel as good as possible during their teenage years. Thousands of students around the country have taken part in the education and Trygg-Hansa continues the work to reach even more. The education is developed in a collaboration with young people, teachers, experts and researchers and is adapted to the school’s curriculum.

Trygg-Hansa works to make mental health a part of the education in school. As a part of this they’ve together with their partners gathered influental politicians and other influencers to a conversation and dialogue in the arena with the theme “Mental health on the education plan”. In connection with the anniversary on May 19th 2022 the goal for the discussion is to practically see how the education around mental health can be formed. You can find more information about the education for all young people here, free of charge.

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With a focus on sports

Through initiatives within sports, Bauhaus emphasizes the importance of physical activity for well-being and reducing the pressure on performance. Bauhaus conducts lectures and training sessions to spread awareness among youth and coaches about how to discuss, manage, and prevent mental health issues within the world of sports.

Bauhaus has launched a sports club that is open to everyone, young and old, with various sports interests. Those under 18 years old can join for free, and all members will receive information and knowledge on how to best prevent mental health issues in sports. They collaborate with existing sports clubs and sports events. The Bauhaus Sports Club offers camaraderie, training, competitions, and education. It serves as a tool to reach out to youth, parents, coaches, and other adults.

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An important conversation

Trygg-Hansa is actively striving to incorporate mental health into school education. As part of this initiative, they brought together influential politicians and opinion leaders for a discussion and dialogue in the arena, focusing on the theme “Mental Health on the School Curriculum.”

The goal of the discussion, which took place on the arena’s anniversary on May 19, 2022, is to practically explore how the education on mental health should be designed.

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Bauhaus podcast

”Laget & Jaget”

A three-episode podcast where artist Petter engages in conversations with sports and mental health experts.

Featured guests include Daniel Ekvall, the Sports Psychological Advisor for the Swedish Football Association, and Caroline Jönsson, a former elite athlete, licensed psychologist, and Secretary-General of the Players’ Association Sports Pro.

Available on your regular podcast platforms.

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For a better day

Tim Bergling Foundation

Experts believe that collective efforts are needed to improving young people’s mental health, but these efforts are currently lacking. Therefore, Tim Bergling Foundation strives to address this by fostering collaborative efforts among businesses, interest groups, politicians, the education sector, and the sports world. By giving the arena its name, Tim Bergling Foundation want to raise awareness about mental health, together with expert organizations.

Tim Bergling Foundation addresses suicide among young people as a global health issue and works to eradicate the stigma surrounding the topic. Through the initiative “For A Better Day,” we engage with young people to understand what they need today for improved well-being tomorrow. The responses collected are then presented to responsible politicians, and used to create activities within the Avicii Arena initiative.

Collaborating within Avicii Arena offers Tim Bergling Foundation a opportunity to connect with a broad spectrum of children and youth at different stages of their lives.

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Group 1358

Together with Zone

For the benefit of young people’s mental health

Avicii Arena is one of Swedish floorball’s most important meeting places. In connection with this year’s national championship finals, Zone and Avicii Arena are launching a unique and limited floorball stick, where 150 SEK from each sold stick will go towards Avicii Arena’s ongoing work for young people’s mental health.

With this collaboration, we aim to reach out to young people in the floorball world and the adults around them. In addition to the launch, the Tim Bergling Foundation and Bauhaus sports club will be present to meet young people during the final day.

Avicii Arena’s work for young people’s mental health is done in collaboration with the Tim Bergling Foundation, Trygg-Hansa, and Bauhaus.


Live is Life

Stockholm Live

Stockholm Live is the initiator behind Avicii Arena. Avicii Arena serves as a gathering place, platform, and megaphone for one of our time’s most significant societal issues – mental health among youth. The aim is for the initiative’s partners – Tim Bergling Foundation, Trygg-Hansa, and Bauhaus – both collectively and individually to drive initiatives and activities that enhance the mental well-being and optimism of young people.

Stockholm Live provides the physical meeting place – Avicii Arena – which serves as the initiative’s anchor where meetings and events can take place to spotlight the mental health of young people. The arena is intended to be a space for discussions and activities that strengthen the mental health of youth.

Group 1359

“Mental illness among young people is one of our biggest societal challenges. The business sector, civil society, and schools need to work together preventively so that young people gain more knowledge and tools to be able to strengthen their opportunities to feel well during adolescence and create better conditions for adulthood. Therefore, we offer the education ‘For All Young People – A Digital Education in Mental Health’ free of charge to all secondary schools in the country.”

Lisa Halvorsen
Insurance expert

“BAUHAUS has an important role in the work against mental illness, both as a workplace with many young people as well as a great commitment within the sports movement. Bauhaus wants to influence, inspire and put pressure on the sports clubs to make young people´s mental health a priority. Associations and leaders should give young athletes the right conditions to feel good with a focus on reduced pressure and more joy through sports.”

marketing director
BAUHAUS – sweden and norway

For A Better Day - Ella Tiritiello and The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Watch video

How are you?

Sometimes things we experience in life can seem impossible to deal with. But with support from others, we can.

A simple conversation is often an important first step. Don´t be afraid to let your friends, family, teachers or someone else in your community know how you are feeling.

If you would rather be anonymous to ask for help, there are helpline and chat services with volunteers and professionals who are here for you.

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