Foods ‘n’ Stuff

For a quick snack, drink or just something to nibble on during the event.

Papa Luna

Our à la carte restaurant with Italian flavors. Indulge in a 3-course dinner, a fresh pasta or a newly baked pizza.

Garden Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy a blend of familiar and modern cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere.


An authentic eatery in a vibrant setting. Share, choose, and savor various Mexican dishes – sharing is caring!


Our exclusive champagne bar. Enjoy a glass of bubbles, or treat yourself to a luxurious champagne drink.

The Fans Bar

A little rougher, a little tougher and a little trendier!


Eat, drink, and socialize under the watchful eyes of legends like Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Mick Jagger.

The Pub

Enjoy a tasty menu and quench your thirst with the large selection of international beers.