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Guests with wheelchair

For most events you can book a wheelchair space yourself via our website and the Stockholm Live app. For other events, please contact our ticket vendor AXS and they will help you.

Avicii Arena has wheelchair seating at stand A as standard, the amount of seating available varies depending on event and it´s design. A guest with reduced mobility with a wheelchair can bring along one companion and this is included in the price of the wheelchair ticket. The companion sits, subject to availability, on a chair next to, or on, a fixed seat behind the wheelchair space. If more than one companion is needed, you will present a certificate at the entrance.

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Guests with reduced mobility

If you have reduced mobility, we recommend that you book seats high up at stand A to avoid steps.

At stand A you can access your seat via row 18 and row 17 is one step down etc. On the long side of stand B, you enter row 4 (of 22 rows), a seat around row 4 is therefore recommended if you have difficulty walking. Crutches may be brought into the arena.

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Other accessibility seats

For most events, there are accessibility seats for you with disabilities who need a companion. These places are located at section A18 on row 17 where the companion is included in the price of the ticket and sits on a chair behind.

If you want help with your booking, contact our ticket vendor AXS and they will help you.

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To and from the arena

Transport service

Guests arriving by transport service can be dropped off and picked up at the front of Quality Hotel Globe. From the hotel you reach the arena square with a lift and will be met by Arena staff and be accompanied to your seat.

If you are booking a transport service to take you home after an event please allow around 30 minutes when you book, as the exact finishing times of concerts and matches are rarely provided in advance.

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To and from the arena

Reduced mobility with own car

Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility can be found in Globen Shopping and in Arenagaraget below Tele2 Arena. Please be aware that these fills up quickly when there are many people at the shopping mall and on days when we host events.

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During the event

Visual interpretation

Regarding concerts, there is equipment available to borrow, but it is the promotor that decides if event will have audio description and which audio pick-up that applies. You’ll find details about the promotor on the event page.

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