Avicii Arena is being upgraded. Comeback 2025.

An essential part of the capital’s silhouette. A landmark for Stockholm and Sweden. But now, after almost 35 years of spine-tingling moments and significant events, it’s time to close.
But only for a little while.

Photo: Niklas Bloom

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The work for mental health doesn’t take a break

Avicii Arena is a unique collaboration between the Tim Bergling Foundation, Stockholm Live, Trygg-Hansa, and Bauhaus with the aim of preventing mental health issues among young people in Sweden.

The collaboration is long-term, and the partners collectively and individually drive initiatives within the school environment, sports world, and society to raise awareness and knowledge about mental health issues among young people. Avicii Arena is being modernized, but the initiative’s work continues throughout the entire process.

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Avicii Arena Initiativet


SkyView is closed

Due to the modernization of Avicii Arena, SkyView will be closed during Q1 starting from January 10, 2024.

Follow @skyviewstockholm to be the first to know when SkyView reopens.

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Break the Silence

Silence is comfortable and easy to choose. Silence doesn’t drown us in darkness. Yet, it poses a threat to the mental health of young people, and we need all our strength to obliterate it. Because what comes afterward is not simple. Rarely bright. Yet, it is where hope resides.

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