3500 events down. Soon, there'll be even more!

But for now, we’re closing up shop, getting down to business, painting and screwing, upgrading and modernizing. By 2025, we aim to reclaim our title as Sweden’s most thrilling arena. Once again.


Top-notch arena, world-class events!

It is time to make room for new memories. And for new experiences. Being closer to the action, stages accommodating more spectacular shows, improved acoustics, the possibility of grandeur or intimacy, enjoying better food, sitting more comfortably. Yes, and all the other features that Sweden’s most modern arena simply should have.

Excuse the giant mess. We are building to impress.

The acoustics are being enhanced to cater to various types of events and audience sizes in the arena space – accommodating both sports events, rock concerts, and more delicate performances.

The arena will be provided with additional seats with improved sightlines. Additionally, all spectator seats are being replaced with new ones – creating an entirely new arena experience!

The arena will become more flexible with its new rigging system, capable of attracting major global productions and creating a more intimate audience experience for smaller productions.

And, of course, the arena’s facilities will also undergo a glow up. Restrooms and more will be refreshed to provide the best possible experience.


Behind the modernization

The modernization is initiated by our property owner SGA Fastigheter and Stockholm Stad, which also finances the renovation. NCC is responsible for the actual implementation. When Avicii Arena is ready to reopen, Stockholm Live will once again take over, filling the arena with events, food, drinks, and premium experiences.

To achieve the goals of modernizing Avicii Arena, SGA Fastigheter has collaborated with KTH Openlab and world-class international arena specialists. This collaboration has involved mapping needs, conceptualizing, project planning, and project development. Some of these arena specialists include project managers Legends International, London-based architects HOK, German engineers Schlaich Bergermann Partner, lighting specialists Light Bureau, and acousticians Efterklang.

Annexet is open as per usual

Annexet remains open throughout 2024, and it will also have a new separate entrance and new restrooms! Interested in renting the Annex? Discuss it with a sales representative here!

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Craving live?

While Avicii Arena may be temporarily closed, Friends Arena, Tele2 Arena, Södra Teatern, Hovet and Annexet are packed with events throughout 2024.

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