Premium Club

As a member of the Premium Club, you gain access to tickets for all events at Avicii Arena, Friends Arena, Tele2 Arena, and Hovet – even the sold-out ones! With a guarantee to access world-class entertainment, the foundation is set for you to conduct business and strengthen your business relationships.

The agreement is signed on an annual basis. Book via the form below.

What’s Included

  • Priority access to all events at Avicii Arena, Friends Arena, Tele2 Arena, and Hovet (even sold-out events) with the opportunity to book tickets up to two weeks before the event takes place
  • Always the best seats in each arena
  • Access to premium lounges in each arena
  • Entrance via premium entrance with hosts available for optimal assistance and service
  • Option to order food and drinks
  • Seating in the stands (ticket cost additional)

Book via the form below

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This is BMW Premium Experience

Since 2022 BMW Northern Europe is the official premium partner to Stockholm Live, with the purpose of being a part and raise the premium experience in Avicii Arena, Friends Arena, Tele2 Arena and Hovet.

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