Avicii arena

For young people’s mental health

This arena is for you. Who think you are not enough. Who has thought’s that bounce like notes in the sound of music. Who need to hear that everything will be fine.

Avicii Arena is a megaphone and initiative that strengthen’s young people’s mental health and faith in future.

We want to make it easier for you who are struggling, support you as a parent. And we want to contribute to the society. We have strong voices, and we will use them.

Behind the name

“Normalize sensitivity, it’s okay to cry, even if you’re a guy.”

“I would need more activities in my spare time where you can get to know new friends.”

“We are so many who have diagnoses like add and adhd, why is the school so unadapted to us.”

“I would have liked solutions for what the future will look like given the climate crisis. It makes me nervous not to know if you can live your whole life because of such a thing.”

Quotes from the report & BOOK:

Vad vi behöver FOR A BETTER DAY